I am inspired by nature. I usually take note of the animals and birds that are passing by my window. I create pet portraits using pastels and watercolors. Monoprints are made with a handmade jell plate using beautiful Florida  weeds, flowers  and other assorted materials. I create abstract paintings using collaged materials of previous paintings, multiple colored papers, and drawings.

I usually sit down to paint daily but at different times of the day, with different light and different moods.

Sometimes, I paint for hours without creating something I like and sometimes it flows after minutes. 

I love to see my creations in other people houses and in my own. I am grateful for my gift of color and creating beautiful things. I hope that you enjoy them as well.

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Audrey Oxenhorn 
Mixed Media ~ Pet Portraits ~  Whimsical Art ~ Children's Clothing

I had taken art classes in jewelry making, weaving, drawing, painting over the years but had never stuck with anything.

January 2002, I decided that it was time and sought out an art teacher in Princeton, NJ.  

I would work with her every couple of weeks.

It was in equal parts exciting and humbling. After a few months I moved on to adult education, art camps and on line courses. I had my first art studio in a refurbished barn in Central NJ. I loved being surrounded by nature. Often deer, turkeys and fox would walk by the window. I was there for ten years and recently moved to the west coast of Florida. 

My  new art studio is surrounded by a pond that is home to herons, ibis, sand hill cranes, egrets, turtles, squirrels and little grass frogs.

I sit in my art space, listening to Gary Stadler's melodious faery albums on Spotify and I create.

I use a combination of materials and techniques including:

Pen and ink

Pastels, Water color crayons, Acrylics 

Collage, Jell plate Mono printing 

Watercolor pencils, Artist pens

Yupo paper, Strathmore paper, Bristol board, Printmaking paper

Cotton clothing, Jacquard fabric paints

2017 Looney Moon Art

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