Pet Portraits

My gift is in capturing the essence of the relationship between your animal/pet and yourself and put it on paper. Authentic expression!

This is a remarkable connection that can be clearly expressed in loving strokes of color more accurately than words or photographs. The paintings carry the vibrational frequency of the relationship with your pet.

If you believe, as I do that all animals are sentient beings, then this is a beautiful, and deep connection.

Our animals specifically come to us to bring the gifts of loyalty, wisdom, spontaneity, joy, present moment awareness and more.

They offer us a vibration that  is complementary and helps us to be better than we can be alone.

Let what you already know about the relationship with your animal be expressed in a beautiful color portrait and then find out even more. Who are you when you are connecting with your loving buddy?

Let's connect to create a loving memory of your special loved one.

Schuyler Macaw
Sarasota Coon
3 Friends
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2017 Looney Moon Art

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