You have captured the true essence and soul through your portrait of my buddy and “Fur-child”, Chow-Chow, Popeye-Nico Suave. I am referring you to all of my friends and quite frankly, other pet lovers I meet, so they can have the same permanent, life-lasting memory your have created for me, my family and friends.

Audrey, pet parent of Popeye-Nico Suave

I am honored to know Audrey as an artist and friend.

She is a talented portrait artist who has captured the soul and spirit of our beloved pets,

Milo Hedgehog and Luna Cat. She has an amazing gift and I would recommend her to all!

Jean B.

Audrey's pastel painting of our beloved Max brings tears of Joy and Loving Remembrance to my Heart. Through her compassionate artistry, Audrey captured Max's Soul Essence in this magnificent painting. Audrey was able to bring Max's deep, loving soulful eyes to life. As we gaze upon him, he gazes upon us-just like the old days...instantly, our memories of Max become living moments once again. Like the photographs and paintings that come to life in the Harry Potter movie, I can feel him taking walks with me, barking at visitors at the door, cuddling on the couch watching T.V., and yes, lying on the floor and listening to me and clients in our counseling sessions...He was and is always a Healing Presence on our lives. Thank you, Audrey, for your forever remembrance of our Angel Dog, Max.

A jot to write this. Thank you for everything, Audrey. You are my forever friend.

Love and Peace,


Audrey's natural empathy for creatures small and large, 

four legged and two, finned and scaled, 

smooth and chilly, warm and furry, 

and beaked and wet nosed, et all, makes her a most loving channel in capturing the essence of the pure grace our animals are. 

Each piece of her art is an incredible expression of LOVE in it's most innocent form. 

Innocence, inner sense, Love. 

This is the space that Audrey translates with each easy stroke of her tender hands. 

Certainly and Heart~fully Endorsed by faeries, dwarves, elves, gnomes, elementals, 

devas, angels, mermaids and all beings of LOVE.

In deep appreciation of of her gracious and generous sharing of her gifts with me and this Planet,

Jeanette Wolfe, ND and the Bernmeister, Yoda incarnate in canine form.

Audrey’s painting of my dog Amber is true to her Soul. I never realized until Audrey’s rendering just how central my girl’s eyes are and how she sees things most people do not. It’s clear to me now what is Amber’s true essence and her strongest sense, which Audrey captured beautifully and accurately. Not only do I have a stunning portrait of my dog, I also see her in a new Light. Thank you Audrey, for illuminating what I needed to experience about my special girl. It’s a gift I will cherish always.